Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Luscious Goa Meals for unforgettable Holidays

Goa is one of the most beautiful holiday hub to visit along with friends and family. Especially when New Year is nearby, celebration is must. Apart from sunny shores, beaches and palm tree shades, the Goan food is just too delicious and too tempting to resist. Here is the sneak peek of some of the best dishes available here, get the bite of delicious Goan platter –

Basically there are two kinds of cuisines available in the state –


Fish curry is one of the most famous cuisine of Goa. Other items made up of Fish are Fried Fish, Fish Udid Methi, Kismur, Dangar, Kalputi and sevverak others in which different kinds of fishes are used. Tondak made up of dry fruits is also very popular amongst natives and locales. These all are different versions of Sea Food which have more or less ingredients which provides salty flavor to the food.


The catholic cuisine is factually derived from Portuguese culture. The ethnic taste and sour flavor compliments the sea food and provide annular kind of taste to the person. The luscious meals when get treated with International kind of making provides most luscious meals you can every get. Feijoada – A stew brought by the Portuguese. Roasted Beef, Xacuti, Patoleo, Sanna, Solantule Kodi, Vindaloo, Bebik are several items which are considered as favorites and most delicious by the locales. Spicy and use of dried prawns add glimmer to this place.

In short, Goa land packages are very great options to celebrate holidays. Come to the best destinations which have super exclusive and tempting respite to offer you and make your time more good and memorable.


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