Friday, 31 January 2014

Oozing Transparent Beauty Of Andaman For A Perfect Lifetime

The pecks, twists and turns on the roads make Andaman a perfect place to travel for a relaxing experience. The endless greenery, wide longed sea, the chirping birds and the nature – makes this destination, an entailed jaunt for spending the wonderful time at this territory near to the sea. This place is the creation of Nature and not that of human which you can explore in the day or two. Any number of days can fall short if you want to visit the core of the town in full fledged way. Here we are listing some of the places to visit in the town which you should not forget in order to capture some amazing moments you spend in the city during your holiday trip to Andaman

Cellular Jail – This is the only historical place to visit in the town. It takes you to the age when India was ruled by British and each day hundred of prisoners were tortured, tormented and hanged till death for no reason. The light and sound show is just flawless and showcases you the entire painful past with the help of lights and sound.

Jolly Buoy – It is the North Bay Island which is recommended for snorkeling. The corals below the sea are just admirable and will leave up to your expectation in every sense. The colorful transparent underwater marine life will make you mesmerize and here you can enjoy best time of your holiday by exploring the sea green beauty.

Havelock Island – Here the water keep changing its color from light blue to green blue as the sun changes its direction. The beach at this location is just the perfect flavor of the destination. Several luxurious resorts line up here which offers great sea facing rooms at good costs. 


  1. andaman is a beautiful place and a busy tourist destination,andaman island is a paradise on earth,nobody cant stop themselves to vacation in andaman.