Monday, 7 April 2014

A Memorable Manali to Ladakh Bike Tour

A land like no other surrounded by two of the world's mightiest hill ranges such as the Great Himalayas and the Karakoram. Leh Ladakh is a mystical cold desert of India of various shades, different temperaments, rivers, snowfall, lakes, yaks, prayer wheels, age old monasteries, stupas, momos, and Buddhism and maggi noodles.

This trans-Himalayan region of Jammu & Kashmir has now become a preferred of adventure lovers and draws tourists from all sides of the world, hiking, riding a bicycle, bike riding. There are many more people from other countries than Indians here. The roads are what you shall cherish visiting the region. The route of Manali to Leh has numerous bikers of all ages out for an adventure of their life.

Manali Leh Road, the 485 km route opens only for 4 months in the year, July to September. Manali to Ladakh Tour provides amazing, spectacular views, awesome scenery, pure air, and incredible sights! Seemed like we were visiting a “Museum” of the hill varies, they were of all kinds! Lavish landscapes in Manali, brownish, black, grayish hills towards Leh, the shades though boring were exclusive and attractive to the sight, a few of them seemed like God had colored each one of them in various color mixtures. Nice range of shades on mountains. Few of them were snow covered, some were sand peaked. Some seemed so relaxed & peaceful. 

Some were in very different, strange forms, some were dusted with clouds, creating large mixture even more exciting, they seemed almost artificial like someone had just painted these mountain ranges and designed a set around us, illustrating the various ‘Moods’ of the mountains!

No photos, no information, no descriptions is enough for Leh Ladakh. To the genuine, unadulterated, natural charm that Ladakh has to offer. This route is a must do, at least once in a life-time.


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