Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Air India Announces In-Flight Wi-Fi in International Flights

AirIndiaState-owned national air carrier Air India announces to provide Wi-Fi services on its international flight tickets reviews Economic Times.

Anil Sondhi, Executive Director, Materials Management and Information Technology at Air India informed that they are currently in conversations with various organizations, such as the Geneva-based in-flight Wi-Fi support agency OnAir and will take a decision on it in the forth-coming months. Previously in Jan, there were also reviews of Air India nearing France International Thales to help set up Wi-Fi solutions. Book international air tickets and you can get a high speed Wi-Fi service the entire duration of the flight.

Users will obviously be able to use this support for primary Online features like obtaining their email, Facebook or myspace and Tweeter among others. However, resources dropped to reveal the International tracks on which this support will be available or the costs of this support, although observe that in-flight Wi-Fi solutions tends to usually be extremely expensive in our experience.

Air India will however be not able to provide this Wi-Fi support in household flight passes due to ancient govt rules that prevents use of Wi-Fi and mobile connection during a journey. The company was allegedly preparing to demand both the home and telecommunications ministry to raise this ban, although there have been no further up-dates on this growth since then.

It is also important to observe that in-flight Wi-Fi suppliers like must follow the wire-tap conditions described by the laws and regulations to aid the government in monitoring customers when needed. The costs for Wi-Fi connection are set by the air travel itself, hence differs for each airways.