Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Jet Fuel Prices Are Decreasing, But Flights’ Fare is Going Up

Can you even imagine if fuel prices are going down, why fare of flights is increasing?


As per an article of Associated Press, fare is becoming higher because of the high demand. Airlines are selling approximately 85 percent of their domestic seats and price of average domestic airline ticket is 372 dollars and it is around 3.5 percent higher than last year and even this is excluding all the taxes.

If we talk about US, Huntsville airport is counted among the most expensive airports of United States. Undoubtedly, flight ticket is the base of any tour, be it personal or business trip. If you are looking to travel during festive or holiday season, below mentioned tips can provide a great help to book cheap air tickets India without burning holes in your pocket-

*      Search well. Don't book the first flight you find, take your time, search well and compare the prices offered by all the airlines.    
*      Make sure the best suitable day and time to book air tickets. You are advised to buy a plane ticket on Tuesday in early morning.
*      Flexibility will lead you to cheaper price. Just find out if there are other airports that are close to the destination you would be traveling to and are offering cheaper tickets.
*      Buying couple of weeks prior to your travel date is smart idea. Tickets prices usually go higher in last two weeks prior to flying.


*      Though it is always smart buying a flight ticket early, but sometimes airlines keep the fare of flight tickets low if their seats are not filled yet. In this case, the close to travel date you will book a ticket, the cheaper price you may get. For enquiring about availability and price of flight, you can make a call at the customer care of airlines close to your travel date.


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