Sunday, 15 February 2015

Qatar Airways makes its flight attendants ask permission before getting married

Over the last 20 years, Qatar Airways has gone through amazing change. Supported by tiny Qatar’s government wealth, the airline has added tracks to every booming region, increasing from the 90th-largest worldwide service provider to the 10th. But there’s just one problem with an airline that says it has one of the "most modern" fleets in the skies: Qatar’s flight attendants stay under guidelines of an earlier several years.

According to the International Transportation Workers’ Federation, a significant trade partnership group, females’ flight attendants can only be employed by Qatar Airways if they’re single. They must remain so for 5 years after starting work. If they want to get married to, they have to ask the airline’s authorization. If and when they get pregnant, they must inform the airline as soon as they know. Even though maternity is a violation of agreement and can lead to shooting. In this case, getting shot often means deportation: Some 90 percent of Qatar’s staff is from other nations, permitted to reside in Doha because of their jobs.
Clearly, the progress of the Airways providing International flight tickets isn’t complete. In fact, based on where on the globe you stay or fly, you might think the progress hasn’t started at all. Though Qatar’s limitations position among the most serious, other airlines still maintain methods that might have experienced more acquainted to Pan Am visitors of the 60s.

In much of Asia, airliners use majority-female and young cottage teams, and their positions drop somewhere between cheerleaders and brand elegance signs. South China Airlines keeps a yearly, public American Idol-style competitors for its potential females team that has a swimwear competitors. VietJet, a Vietnamese low-cost service provider, three decades ago organized swimsuit competitors of its own, while on board a journey. The females of Asiana Airways, located in Seoul, face recommendations for fingernail length, cosmetics color and hair style and dress rule. Then there are the females of Singapore Airways, whom the airline actually explains as “Singapore Girls.” They wear designer sarongs and are the “epitome of Oriental elegance and kindness.” Also, they appear in absurd ads.


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